We were hoping to screen The Boys in the Boat. But unfortunately this is not possible for the 20th July. Hopefully in the future we can screen it. But we will be screening Wicked Little Letters. This is a British black comedy film directed by Thea Sharrock and based on a 1920 true scandal, it follows an investigation into the anonymous author of numerous crudely insulting letters sent to the residents of seaside town of Littlehampton.

Wicked Little Letters Trailer


While “Wicked Little Letters” may not be garnering universal critical acclaim, it proved to be a delightful surprise for me. The film’s charm lies in its embrace of simplicity. Eschewing a convoluted plot in favor of its true-story foundation, the narrative allows the fantastic comedic performances and engaging characters to take centre stage. Critics seeking a labyrinthine plot might find themselves wanting, but for those seeking a heartwarming and humorous experience, “Wicked Little Letters” delivers.

Screened at the CWA hall, doors open at 7pm. Film starts at about 7.30pm

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