The Stanwell Park Arts Theatre, commonly referred to as SPAT, is a performing arts community theatre company based in Stanwell Park, New South Wales Australia. SPAT was founded in 1974 with the aim to provide a creative outlet for people living in Stanwell Park and the surrounding area.

In  addition to presenting theatrical performances, members of SPAT have initiated several active sub-groups that now include SPAT Singers, SPAT Film Society and SPAT Workshops. To extend our community reach, we  occasionally organise Events and Competitions that promote the arts. These are open to non-SPAT members.

To become an active member of the Stanwell Park Arts Theatre please see the membership page.

SPAT made up of its membership base and each year those members get to elect an executive committee to manage the day to day operations of SPAT. SPAT is an incorporate not for profit association and governed by NSW legislation.

We generally meet one evening a month at one of the homes of a committee members or occasionally at a local ‘watering hole’! Our AGM is held in September each year and the new committee takes over in October.

Please feel free to text or call our SPAT InfoLine 0429 921 562 for details or information.


0429 921 562

or use the form below

    SPAT Policies and Guidelines

    SPAT, like all organisations, has various policies and codes of conduct to insure our incorporated compliance. Please see below our key functional policies and information.


    • Is a Not-for-Profit incorporated corporation
    • Fulfils our legal obligations under the NSW Working With Children Check policy
    • Carries the required public liability insurances (full details of our ‘volunteer’ insurance policy can be read here and here)
    • Has an ABN number which is 28 513 315 570


    This means that there are no paid roles within SPAT and that the vast majority of artistic, creative and stage craft support is provided on volunteer* basis.

    Note: By exception, we may fund a contributor if we are unable to find the artistic skills with our volunteer membership. Our Financial Policy on paid support is available from the treasurer.

    * We gratefully acknowledge and thank our volunteers as without them SPAT would simply not exist.

    SPAT Code of Conduct


    • expects all volunteer members to demonstrate complete respect for others in the group in all circumstances and at all times,
    • has zero tolerance of inappropriate behavior and will take action to stop any such instances.
    • does not condone or support the taking of pictures or videos in the context of a SPAT production without the explicit consent of the individual, (if an adult) or the parent/guardian should a young person be directly or indirectly included in a photograph or video.
    • will provide a safe reporting system for both adults or minors should they have concerns. They should immediately communicate their concerns to a SPAT Committee member via the SPAT hotline 0429921562 or speak directly to a committee member as listed on our website.
    • will use NSW Mandatory Reporting Guidelines (MRG) (ChildStory Reporter Community) as required if minors are involved.

    NSW Working With Children

    SPAT is a member organisation of the NSW ‘Working With Children Check’ government body. As such we are committed to diligently follow the legal requirements,  cultural values and behaviours required to ensure that SPAT is more than compliant in this regard. 

    Our policy requires that:

    If any child, up to and including 17yo is involved in any workshop, performance or event of any kind then the supervising adults, be that a coach or mentor, director or any persons involved in the production and is over the age of 18 will be required to:

    • Provide (in confidence) the SPAT Secretary their NSW Working With Children Check reference number (the only exception to this requirement is if you are the parent or immediate relative of a child in the workshop or performance).

    SPAT requires all participants in a production to follow the recommendations regarding roles or volunteer activities that have been identified as requiring a WCCC (these will be determined by the SPAT Committee prior to any auditions).

    All adults in SPAT who are working with children will:

    • Take personal responsibility to ensure the well-being and safety of every child involved with SPAT by reporting suspicious activity to the Police
    • Use the following links to obtain a Working With Children Check and to familiarise yourself with the NSW Kidguardian guidelines


    For 2022 – the committee members are:

    President – Tom Peach

    Public Officer – Rhiannon Morgan

    Vice President – David Mitsak

    Secretary – Vacant

    Membership Secretary – Sonia Westwood

    Treasurer – Wayne Turner

    Assistant Treasurers – Lauren Mitsak & Kerrie Steel

    Communications Officer – Rodney Berryman

    CWA Liaison Officer – Carol Pugh

    Singers Representative – Rod Lander

    Simon Eckerman

    Matt Dickson