Effective 10 August 2018

  • $15 Individual adult
  • $10 Young Person 17yo and under
  • Please note we NO LONGER are able to offer Family memberships due to insurance constraints. Please ignore this option on the membership form at this time.

As a SPAT General Member you are listed as a SPAT Volunteer.  As a volunteer you:

  • Can audition for a part in a production, ie, a play, SPAT Singers or SPAT Music orchestra
  • Can help in any other capacity at a performance, for example, back stage, front of house, in the CWA kitchen or in any volunteer position required in the production
  • Will be covered under the SPAT Volunteer Insurance Policy (full details of our ‘volunteer’ insurance policy can be read here and here)
  • Will be reminded when your membership is due for renewal

Important Exclusion

  • Please note that SPAT Photography is not included under our Volunteer insurance due to the varied locations of photo shoots.

This membership fee covers items such as:

  • our Public Liability insurance and the Volunteer Insurance premiums
  • online communication including this website
  • royalty payments

 SPAT Film Society

Membership of SPAT Film is handled separately and is not part of General SPAT Membership.  Note: Current members of SPAT will be automatically included in SPAT Film Society until their current membership expires.

To join SPAT Film Society a new membership link will be provided shortly.


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