1974December“Babes in the Woods”, pantomime
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
1975June“Many Moods of SPAT”, excerpts, choral verse
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
 December“Cinderella”, pantomime
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
1976April“Play Parade”, 3 x 1 act plays
  Directors: Pat Simpson, Molly Billings & Dic Morgan; Produced by Joy Wiedersatz
 July“No Coal Dumping”, Gilbert & Sullivan parody
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
 December“Dick Whittington”, pantomime
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
1977June“Spot on SPAT”, variety, play excerpts
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
 December“Jack and the Beanstalk”, pantomime
 Director: Joy Wiedersatz
1978April“Night of Violent Theatre”, 2 x 1 act plays
  Director: Rod Lander
 August“One Hand Clapping”
 Director: Joy Wiedersatz
 December“Emperor of Trebizond”, musical play
 Director: Rod Lander
1979April“One Hand Clapping”, by Joy Wiedersatz,
  Director: Rod Lander
 Sept“Our Town” by Thornton Wilder,
 Director: Lauren Mitsak
 December“Platypus in Boots”, pantomime,
 Director: Rod Lander
1980May“Astonish Me”, 1 act play,
  Director: Joy Wiedersatz
 July“Harlequinade” & “Browning Version” 2 x 1 act plays,
  Directors: Margaret Cruickshank and Debbie Galianus
 December“A Christmas Story”, pantomime
  Director: Tony Harvey
1981April“Bush Night”, variety picnic supper
  Directors: Yvonne Terkildsen & Christine Johnson
 April“Arsenic and Old Lace”
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 December“Red Riding Hood” pantomime,
  Director: Alan Collis
1982April“The One Day of the Year” by Alan Seymour,
  Director: Carol Foran
 JuneAdult acting workshop – Gordon Streek
 October“You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, Youth workshop
  Director: Alan Collis
 December“A Mermaids Tale”” pantomime, by Viv Whittaker
  Director: Rod Lander
1983April“SPAT in Revue” variety/dinner
  Directors: Christine Johnson and Jan Chipperfield; Catering: Lorraine Morgan
 August“Love of Four Colonels” by Peter Ustinov
  Director: Dic Morgan
 September“Oh, What a Lovely War” Youth workshop
  Director: Stephen Carr
 December“Mother Goose”, pantomime
  Director: Alan Collis
1984April“Putting on the Ritz”, music/dance/dinner with SPAT Singers
  Directors: Thea Harris & Rod Lander; Catering: Lorraine Morgan
 July“Insect play”, Youth Workshop
  Director: Rod Lander
 August“Floating World” by John Romeril
  Director: Mark Wilnott
 December“Beyond the Yellow Brick Road”, musical play for children
  Director: Thea Harris
1985February“Here’s to the ‘Burgh”, play building workshop for Helensburgh Centenary Celebrations
  Director: David Efraemson
 May“Dimboola” by Jack Hibbert
  Director: Rod Lander
 May-JulyYouth Workshop
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 August“Not Now Darling” comedy
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 November“Venetian Affair” musical/dinner with SPAT Singers
  Directors: Thea Harris and Rod Lander; Catering Lorraine Morgan
 December“Pirates at the Barn”, pantomime
  Director: David Efraemson
1986February“Daring Ditties and Dirty Deeds”, SPAT Singers
  Directors: Thea Harris and Rod Lander
 May“Bullshot Crummond”
  Director: Rod Lander
 July“Billy Liar”
  Director: Erik Mitsak
 August“A Collection of Short Pieces & Sleeping Beauty”, Youth Workshop
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 September“The Fantasticks”, musical
  Directors: Lauren Mitsak and Thea Harris
 December“The Owl and the Pussycat”, pantomime
  Director: Sian O’Sullivan
1987March“Victoriana” dinner/show with SPAT Singers
  Directors: Thea Harris and Rod Lander; Catering Lorraine Morgan
 AprilYouth Workshop
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 June“Double Yolk, Hugh and Margaret Williams”
  Director Margaret Cruickshank
 July“Between Mouthfuls”, by Alan Ayckbourne
  Director: TBA
 September“An Evening of Coward” with SPAT Singers
  Directors: Thea Harris & Alan Collis
 December“Cinderella” by Joy Wiedersatz, pantomime
  Director: Mike Mitsak
1988March“A Lasting Impression”, youth play building for Parkfest Bicentennial Celebrations
  Director: Paul Barrs
 April“Stockade” by Kenneth Cook, with Bulli High School
  Director: Rod Lander
 JuneYouth Workshop
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 August“Bananas and Other Monkey Business”, 4 x Australian short plays
  Directors: Lauren Mitsak, Margaret Cruickshank & Liz Halkett
 August“Bananas” and “The Forth Wall”
  SPAT’s entries to Theatrefest Chatswood
 September“Pastimes with Goode Company” Renaissance music/dinner/dance/show with excerpts from “Rosencrants and Guilderstern are Dead”
  Helensburgh Community Centre, with Wollongong University’s Renaissance Players and SPAT Singers
  Directors: Rod Lander, Thea Harris; Catering Lorraine Morgan
 December“Wind in the Willows” children’s play with music, from story by Kenneth Graham
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
1989February“Musical Soiree” at Sonia Westwood’s home
  Rod Lander and SPAT Singers
 AprilFive one-act plays by Alan Ayckbourn
  Director’s workshop
 May“Mother Figure” by Alan Ayckbourn
  Entry into 1-Act Play Festival, Zentih Theatre, Chatswood. 
  Director: Janelle Hanley
 June“The Real Inspector Hound” by Tom Stoppard
  Director: Margaret Cruickshank
 September“Orphans Drama”  IPAC Wollongong, Proceeds to Illawarra Homeless Youth
  Director: Lauren Mitsak
 October“Under Milkwood” by Dylan Thomas
  Director: Rod Lander
 NovemberTreetops garden party SPAT Singers and Sydney Technical College Boys High
  Producer Ruth Church, Catering  Lorraine Morgan
 DecemberSPAT Singers – Illawarra Choral Festival, Kiama
 December“Frankenstein” pantomime by David Swan
  Director: Brent Percy
1990April“Auntie Mame” comedy
  Director: Kevin James
 June“Endgames” 1-act plays: “No Exit” Jean-Paul Sartre, “Out of the Flying Pan” David Campton; “Sorry Wrong Number” Lucille Fletcher
  Directors: Rod Lander and Ed Hills
 July“Out of the Flying Pan” and “No Exit”   Entries in Port Macquarie Play Festival
  SPAT winner Best Production, 4 nominations for best Actors
 July“Dido & Aeneas”, opera by Purcell
  University Singers, SPAT Singers, orchestra and principals from Sydney Motet Choir
  Director: Rod Lander
 December“Alice in Wonderland” musical play for children
  Director: Sian Morgan, Producer: Maura O”Sullivan
1991February“Big Al’s Birthday” dinner/dance with cabaret, Helensburgh Community Centre,
  Director: Janelle Hanley; Producer: Sonia Westwood; Caterer: Lorraine Morgan
 April“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” by Tom Stoppard
  Director: TBA; Producer: TBA
 September“Here to Save You, but Not Sure from What” a revue at Coledale by Kevin James
  Director: Kevin James; Musical Director: Thea Harris
 December“Dick Whittington” pantomime
  Director: TBA; Producer: TBA
1992April“Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare at Wollongong University
  Director: Ed Hills
 November“Divertimento – Musical Soiree” at Hillcrest House
  Director: Lindy Sharp
 December“Scrooge” Australian translation by Lisa Skene
  Director: Margaret Cruikshank; Musical Director: Judy Riley; Producer: Sue Scott
1993May“Nacheral Gentleman”, local playwright (TBA)
  Coledale Senior Citizen’ Centre and Woonona/Bulli RSL
  Director: Lauren Mitsak
 TBA“Time and the Conways” by JB Priestly
  Director: Mark Wilmott
 December“Marriage at Botany Bay”, by Adam Blackshore
  Director: TBA; Producer: TBA
1994April“The Dining Room” by A. R. Gurney
  Director: Tania Maleen
 December“The Blue Hole”, by Erik Mitsak
  Director: Damion
 December“Pinocchio” pantomime adapted by Bruce Carr
  Director: Margaret Cruikshank
1995May“Heddar Gabler” by Henrik Ibsen
  Director: Tania Maleen
1996April“An Evening of Cowards”, youth musical play
  Directors: Lauren Mitsak, Thea Harris
 June“Virtues, Vices, and Victuals”
  Director: Tanya Leach
 September“Diving for Pearls” by Katherine Thomson
  Director: Mark Wilmott
 December“Jock & The Golden Lyrebird”, by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Stacey Bale
1997April“Over the Top” youth musical
  Directors: Lauren Mitsak
 June“Play On”, comedy
  Director: Kevin James
 DecemberNo pantomime! Variety show
1998December“Hansel and Gretel and the Three Pigs” by Cameron Sharp
  Directors: Stacey Bale and Thea Harris
1999AprilYouth Workshop – Story Telling
  Director: Erik Mitsak
 AprilOpening night of SPAT Films: Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton silent films
  Piano: Elida Dickson
 AprilSPAT Singers perform for Heritage Week celebrations, Stanwell Park
 AprilSPAT Dance – Old Time at Helensburgh Community Centre
 MaySPAT Singers perform for Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival
 June“Pushin’ Up Daisies” by Terence Crawford
  Director: David Efraemson
 AugustSPAT 25th Birthday party, retrospective
  Directors: Thea Harris and Janelle Campbell
 September3 x 1-Act plays, “Facing the Truth” by Xenia Natalenko, “Louis and Dave” by Norm Foster
  Director: Ed Harris
 December“The Ugly Sisters’ Adventure”, pantomime by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Joshua Reed
2000June“Music Hall” musical with 1-act play “To Love a Lamp Boy” by Dic Morgan
  Directors: Dic Morgan and Sonia Westwood
 December“Snow White Strikes Back” pantomime by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Olivia Duval
2001May“Shakespeare Revue”
  Directors: Dic Morgan and Sonia Westwood
 September“A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” an outdoor performance
  Director: Wendy Regan
 December“Aladdin Down Under” pantomime by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Cory Newman
2002March“Gentle Tiger Burning”, by James Michael Langley
  Director: Lauren Mitsak
 June“What the Butler Saw”, by Joe Orton
  Director: Van Badham
 December“Goldilocks & the Three Fiery Koalas”, by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Cory Newman; Producer: Brian Hiscocks
2003JanuaryYouth Workshop
  Director: Wendy Regan
 April“Pig Kazoo”, by Cameron Sharp, playwriting competition winner
  Director: Lajos Hamers
 September“Wind in the Willows” by Graham Greene
  Directors: Cory Newman and Rosie Catalano
 December“The Princess and the Lobster Potter”, by Cameron Sharp
  Directors: Lisa Divall and Sally Redman; Producer: Penelope Wood
  Director: Corey Newman
 July“Youth Workshop”
  Director: Wendy Regan
 August“Our Towne – Thirty Years of SPAT” by Eric Alexander
  Director: Eric Alexander
 December“Tunnel of Love”, by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Lajos Hamers
2005January“Youth Workshop”
  Director: Wendy Regan
 FebruaryProgressive Dinner, SPAT Singers
  Producer: Sonia Westwood
 JuneSPAT Trivia Night;
  Producers: Penelope Wood and Wayne Turner
 July“Youth Workshop”
  Director: Wendy Regan
 December“Antarctica Ho!” by Cameron Sharp
  Director: Natalie Griffin
  Director: Cory Newman
 June“The Magic Flout”
  Director: Rod Lander
 October“Kindly Keep It Covered”
  Directed by Jennifer Woolsey
 December“The Cucumber Crisis”
  Directed by Sally Redman; written by Cameron Sharp
2007March“Festival of Mud” – community event organised by David Mitsak
  Organised by David Mitsak
 December“Robinson Crusoe”
  Directed by Jennifer Woolsey
2008January“Children’s workshop”
  Directed by Cameron Campbell
 March“Love Lies”
  Written, directed and performed by David “Ratsack” Mitzak
 June“3 One Act Plays”
  Directed by Kevin James, Lauren Mitzak & Jennifer Woolsey
 December“Santa in Space”
  Directed by Jennifer Woolsey
2009April“Tango in the Park”
  Organised by Wayne Turner
 June“Seasons Greetings”
  Directed by Jennifer Woolsey
 December“A Mermaid’s Tale”
  Directed by Rod Lander
2010July“Three One-Act Plays”
  Directed by Jennifer Woolsey, Cameron Campbell & Lauren Mitsak
 December“Rudolph Runaway Reindeer” by Cameron Sharp
  Directed by Rebecca Barrow & Cameron Campbell ,
2011January“Lisa and Jasmine Save Fairyland”
  Workshop written & directed by Bernadette Le Mesurier
 August“Kindly Leave the Stage”
  Directed by Jennifer Woolsey
 December“Puss in Boots”
  Directed by Mark Rylander
2012JanuaryChildren’s Workshop
  Written & directed by Inez Playford
 May“Murder in the House of Horrors”
  Directed by Wayne Turner
 June“Victoriana”   Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander
 December“The Three Musketeer’s” pantomime
  Directed by Kelly-Maree Michael
2013AprilTheatre Games Evening
 May“Love Lies”
  Written, directed and performed by David “Ratsack” Mitzak
 August“Three One Act Plays”
  Directed by Bernadette Le Mesurier, Tom Peach & Lauren Mitsak
 September“La Triviata – Verdi Undone”   Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander
 December“Blazin’ Suns” pantomime by Kelly-Maree Michael
  Directed by Inez Playford & Wayne Turner
2014May“Best Of Shakespeare”
  Directed by Tom Peach
 June“Sins and Sensibilities”   Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander
 NovemberSPAT’s 40th Anniversary Show
  Directed by Wayne Turner
 December“Babes in the Woods”, 40th Anniversary pantomime
  Director: Lauren Mitsak
2015April“Three One Act Plays”
  Directed by Bernadette Le Mesurier, Tom Peach & Cameron Campbell
 October“Beasts and Bedlam”  Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander
 December“The Most Incredible Thing”
  Directed by Lauren Mitsak
2016August“Geri and the Pacemakers”  Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander
 September“Bullshot Crummond”
  Directed by Rod Lander
 December“Wish for a Wife” by Bernadette Le Mesurier
  Written and directed by Bernadette Le Mesurier
2017June“Bucolica”  Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander
 July“Not That Far From Sydney”, 2 one act plays, performed at both the Blood Moon Theatre, Kings Cross & Stanwell Park CWA Hall
  Written & directed by Tom Peach (The Viaduct Hotel)  & Bernadette LeMesurier (City Fail)
 Oct“The Importance of Being Earnest”
  Directed by Tom Peach; Stage Manager Bronwyn Balderston
 Dec“Miss Lily’s Holiday House and the Stealing of Christmas” by Sage McAteer
  Written & directed by Sage McAteer, Produced by Christine Sykes
2018JanChildren’s Drama Workshop, supported by WCC
  Run by Isabella Franklin & Inez Playford
 FebMusic in the Park
  Directed by Alison Gravies, produced by Ian Stevens
 April“Are You Being Served”
  Directed by Karen Beavis, Produced by Deb Edwards
 May“Love & Other Frustrations”  Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Lindy Sharp & Rod Lander
 AugustA Midsummer Summer’s Dream
  Directed by Tom Peach, produced by Ian Stevens
 SeptemberMusic in the Park – Beatles to the Beach
  Directed by Alison Gravies, produced by Ian Stevens
 December“Liesl and the Lost Melody” Pantomime by Matilda Dickson
  Directed by Matt Dickson, Produced by Rhiannon Morgan
2019JanMusic in the Park – Blockbusters to the Beach
  Directed by Alison Gravies, produced by Ian Stevens
 AprilChildren’s Drama Workshop, supported by WCC
  Conducted by Isabella Franklin & Trea Randall
 MaySteel Magnolia’s
  Directed by Karen Beavis, Produced by Deb Edwards
 June“For God or Mammon”  Singer’s Dinner Show
  Directed by Lindy Sharp & Rod Lander
 JulySPATYOULA  – Childrens drama weekly workshops (Term 3)
  Conducted by Isabella Frankin and Trea Randall
 September“GREASE” supported by WCC
  Directed by Inga Silfn Jon, Produced by Peggy Ni Cearbhallain
 OctoberSPATYOULA  – Childrens drama weekly workshops (Term 4)
  Conducted by Isabella Frankin and Trea Randall
 DecemberPantomime – The Wizard of Oz
  Directed by Isabella Franklin, Produced by Penelope Wood
2020FebruaryFAB FEB FEST
  Bushfire Recovery Benefit, held at the CWA hall and grounds
 FebruarySPATYOULA  – Childrens drama weekly workshops (Term 1)
  Conducted by Isabella Frankin and Trea Randall  (Cancelled in early March due to COVID-19)
 NovemberCOVID “masked” Singers Show
  Directed by Rod Lander and Lindy Sharp
 DecemberInprov Panto (COVID Style)
  Produced by Tom Peach and Kelly-Maree Michael
2021April & MayThe Sound of Music
  Director: Rod Lander; Musical Director: Catherine Rostron; Producers: W. Turner & Kelly-Marre Michael, Stage Mgr.: Isabella Franklin
 May & JuneDreaming of Normal.  Singers Dinner Show
  Directed by Rod Lander and Lindy Sharp.  Catering by many SPAT helpers
 June2508 has Talent
  Produced by Peggy Ni Cearbhallain and Tom Peach
  Dec No Christmas Panto this year due to Covid!