One Act Play Festival!

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Stanwell Park Arts Theatre presents “Deck the Hall” – a festive winter One Act play festival

About the event

Stanwell Park Arts Theatre (SPAT) is organising a winter festival including several performances of two One Act plays, the first performance of which will coincide with our one-day “Deck the Hall” festival featuring European-style Christmas markets and busking/roaming performances from local musicians and other acts. The culmination of the event is the opening performance of the One Act plays. The plays will also be performed the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

SPAT is a small, locally-focused amateur theatre company with a friendly crew and a dedicated audience. This event, as with all others SPAT undertakes, is not-for-profit.

Dates and details


Sunday 19 June, 2022, 2:00 PM

Location: Stanwell Park CWA Hall, 10 The Drive, Stanwell Park

Performance dates:

“Deck the Hall” launch festival: Sunday 21 August 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Other performances: Friday 26 August and Saturday 27 August, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM; Sunday 28 August 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: Stanwell Park CWA Hall, 10 The Drive, Stanwell Park

At this stage, rehearsals will take place weekly on Sunday afternoons commencing Sunday 26 June. Actors are expected to attend all rehearsals and performance dates.


This audition will be conducted by the producers and directors and will consist of a blind reading of excerpts the chosen plays along with other auditioning actors. You do not need to prepare any audition material, nor is it necessary to book – just turn up on the day! You may be asked to a call-back audition if needed.

The Plays

“Fate’s Thread” – by

Directed by Amanda Enderby

Fate’s Thread is a mystery, comedy, thriller and ghost story all wrapped into one. Susan finds herself murdered but unable to “cross over” until she accepts the circumstances of her untimely demise. She is aided by the ghosts of two other women, Harriet and Alice. Throughout the play we see flash backs revealing the sordid details of the deaths of all three women, and learn what it takes to come to terms with our own mortality and less-than-faithful spouses.

Roles available:

Alice Fletcher – burned as a witch in 1647, not a typical ‘old hag’, but full of the rawness of the time

Harriett Cole – Stabbed by a greedy suitor in 1884, prim and prudish Victorian spinster, well-spoken

Susan Davies – a wealthy young executive , self-confident go-getter

Jack Davies – Susan’s husband, brooding, bitter, a working man reduced to shopping and ironing

Margaret Daniels – Jack’s mistress, genuinely fond of him, can’t see she is being strung along

Jenny Bayes – a Detective Constable, checking some details about Susan’s death that don’t add up

“Dotty’s Inheritance” by Debra Chalmers

Directed by Karen Beavis

Dotty is a wily woman in her 70s who sometimes uses her spotty memory and diminishing capacity to manipulate her nearest and dearest, particularly her daughters X and X. When the family learns of the death of her hitherto unknown brother, a whole bunch of familial secrets and scandals come tumbling out, especially as Dotty has inherited her brother’s thriving business, not to mention the complications that arise when the “business manager” shows up to try and take over the company!


The Mother (Rachel)  – Daughter to Dotty, Mother of Robbie and sister to Joan. Rachel sees everyone for who they really are especially her mother. She knows that there is only one place for a woman like Dotty, and that’s behind bars.

The Son (Robbie)  – A young man whose street cred is in danger of becoming epic with his Facebook video uploads.

The Grandmother (Dotty) – A seemingly sweet and harmless old woman who uses dementia as a tool to get her own way. Just how devious she really is, no one really knows.

The Solicitor (Richard) – A nervous man whose clients include Brothel Owners and Russian Mobsters. It would appear that a debt has got him into some serious trouble.

The Aunty (Joan) – Who believes that her Mum should be properly cared for as long as it is someone else who is doing the caring.

The Policeman (Trevor)  – Joan’s boyfriend who has a soft spot for Dotty and her antics.

The Sex Worker (Candy) – Office Manager of a Brothel with ambitions of taking over the business along with her co-workers. Even if it means seducing the new owners grandson.

Further information

If you would like any further information please contact the producer, Kelly-Maree Michael, on 0477 784 079 or email

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